Izzuddin: No truth to baseless allegations

BASED on advice given to him by both the police and lawyers, Izzuddin Che Din, a councillor with the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ), has decided to ignore the latest scandal involving him which he described as a poison pen letter to politically assassinate him.

“I’d sue the person who wrote the newsletter but as poison pen letters go, there is no author’s name, address or any information on the person who wrote it. It is just a baseless allegation,” Izzuddin said.

He said that any person with a legitimate complaint about him should just complain directly.

“I will not entertain the writings of a crazy person as I’ve got better things to do such as serving the community,” Izzuddin said, adding that he had seen the newsletter and thought it to be entirely rubbish.

The newsletter was distributed after Friday prayers at the Bukit Antarabangsa mosque and contained allegations that a married woman known as ‘N’ had lodged a police report claiming to have had a sexual relationship with Izzuddin.

The story has been seen on several blogs with deputy Bukit Antarabangsa Umno chief Omar Salleh denying that the party was behind the newsletter and urging either Bukit Antarabangsa MP Azmin Ali or Izzuddin to make a police report on the matter because the people had a right to the truth.

“When I was first appointed to my post as councillor in 2008, there was plenty of talk of me being unqualified for it. I chose to ignore that and the talks died down soon after,” said Izzuddin, who was appointed to his post in the capacity of an NGO representative.

“People can write and say whatever they like. I won’t comment on it because there is no point. What is important is fulfilling my responsibilities to the people,” Izzuddin, whose term expires soon, said

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