Azmin Urged to Make Report Over MPAJ Staff's Alleged Sex Scandal - So YB what would you be doing?

by Aidil Syukri Malaysian Digest

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 MARCH, 2010: The Bukit Antarabangsa UMNO branch today urged Bukit Antarabangsa MP Azmin Ali to take responsibility over an alleged sex scandal involving a committee member of the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) Izzuddin bin Che Din.

According to Bukit Antarabangsa UMNO Deputy Chief Omar bin Salleh, the scandal is now hotly debated by people in the area after the copies of a newsletter highlighting it were distributed since March 5. He also urged either Azmin or Izzuddin to make a police report if what is said the newsletter is untrue.

“We want him (Izzuddin) to make a police report to clear his name. If he doesn’t do so, people will think that the statement in the newsletter is true and trust it. On our side, we will make a police report to make sure whether the content of the newsletter is true or not,” said Omar.

“If the accusation is true, YB Azmin Ali must take a stern action on this matter as it involves his credibility as the MP of Bukit Antarabangsa.,” he added.

Omar shows the newsletter that he received.

“We give him (Izzuddin) a week to make a police report. If not, we are going to lodge a report. We take this matter seriously because moral issues that involve leaders must be corrected so that the people will have confidence on the leaders that representing them,” he added.

Omar said he received the newsletter titled Skandal Seks Ahli Majlis MPAJ?? after Friday prayer at the Bukit Antarabangsa mosque.

In the newsletter, it stated that a married woman known as ‘N’ made a police report claiming that she has sexual relationship with Izzuddin. However, there is yet any official statement from him to deny it.

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