Open Letter to "Ahli Majlis Ampang Jaya" - Lagi Ahli majlis tak buat kerja?

1. This morning, while driving to work, I receive a phone call from my local council member who lives in Bukit Antarabangsa with regards to the issue of traffic congestion in the MRR2. As predicted, the congestion has normalized and now it starts in Bukit Antarabangsa. He claims that he has been receiving many calls from residents and he told me that he does not want to interfere. He told the residents to call me instead because I had not informed and invited him when I had the meeting with the police. He claims that my suggestions have made things worse.

2. My mood is never good in the morning of late because of the traffic issue and normally it gets better once I reached the office and start working. However, his phone call this morning really upsets me. He just needs a wakeup call and despite my respect for his age, I think it is imperative that I give my two cents worth to what he told me.

3. I was very upset because of two reasons. The first being his refusal to accept my explanation that the police did not implement my 7 point proposal but merely adopted 2 out of the proposal and the trial was terminated after 2 days. He claims that the traffic was much better before the trial conducted by the police compared to what is happening today. He don’t even know what I had proposed to the police despite I had published in my blog.

4. The second, it seems that he is “merajuk” for not being invited to attend the meeting with the police. I told him that I was a mister nobody. I am a resident and had written to MPAJ and the police on my own personal accord and initiative because I want things to improve. He said because he is not involved in the meeting, he does not want to interfere when I ask him to use his position as MPAJ councilor in trying to get the MPAJ to find a permanent solution. He told me to call for a press conference and “bleach” the police.

5. I was really irritated with the conduct of this councilor. This is not the first time. To me he did not get his facts right. The traffic situation today is the same as before the trial. Secondly, the traffic was much better on the second day of the trial before the police decided to stop it abruptly because of congestion near ISKL. I was very irritated that he decided to “merajuk” just because the police did not invite him. I did not organize the meeting at 630 am. The police did and I was merely a participant like JKR Gombak and MPAJ officers.

6. As a councilor, I expect him to use his position effectively. I had expected to do something about the traffic problem via MPAJ. He should have taken the initiative to do so. He is sitting in the council, the highest governing body of a local authority. He has failed to use his office effectively in solving the resident problems. I guess he was upset because he was not treated as the VVip in Bukit Antarabangsa when we engaged the authorities in trying to solve the traffic problem.


  1. sila buat semakan dan siasatan ...ada dalang di MPAJ...bertindak sebagai proxy kpd ahli majlis..minta 15% selepas kerja siap...????

  2. tolong semak senarai nama ketua pemuda UMNO bahagian Ampang dalam ROS dan ROC mahupun CCRISS / insolvensi. Nama beliau kemungkinan besar BANKRAP!!